Robbie Williams Libertarian?

October 9, 2005

According to the Times: "Robbie Williams angered anti-drugs groups yesterday after declaring his support for Kate Moss and claiming that there was nothing wrong with the model's use of cocaine.

Speaking at the launch of his new album, Intensive Care, in Berlin, Williams admitted his own past cocaine use and said that Moss, believed to be in a rehabilitation clinic in America, should have been left to live her life as she pleased."

Williams said: "She's done nothing wrong. What she does in her private life should be her own private affair. We are talking about a woman who has never hurt anybody and never pretended to be somebody she isn't."

Damn right. It doesn't sound like she is initiating force against anybody. And I presume she's paying for her own holiday in the rehabilitation clinic. Read the whole article here:,,2-1816095,00.html

For some enlightening comments regarding prohibition and drugs, see here:


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