Doubtless Bay Speech

September 11, 2005

Here is the four minute speech I wrote for the Doubtless Bay Ratepayers candidates meeting:

Good morning Mr Chairman, ladies and gentlemen.

I'm Julian Pistorius, the Libertarianz candidate for Northland.

Who's in charge of your life?
You are.

However, if you ask ANY of these people behind me, they'll say

- Yes, BUT, as parents, you can't be free to choose the education of your children, because you might not care enough for them to choose responsibly. So they will force you to send your children to the state's factory schools, where everybody is educated to the same, low, standard, and then make you pay for it.

- They'll say yes, BUT, you can't be free to do just anything with your property, you might make a mistake. So they brought in the Resource Management Act.

- They'll say yes, BUT, you can't be left free to choose whether you look after your family, friends and neighbours, so they will take money from you by force, to pay for the state welfare system. Most of it is wasted in bureacracy, and then usually, given to people who can look after themselves, if they had to.

- If you start looking at things this way, you'll find dozens of similar examples.

All of these people are just different versions of Nanny State - they only differ in the details. All of them think that there are some areas of YOUR life, over which THEY should have control.

These politicians have the most negative and cynical view of humanity, and considering that they spend most of their time in the company of other politicians, perhaps that is not so surprising.

They don't think that you are able to live your life responsibly, so they will force you to live YOUR life as THEY think you should.

They make laws, which force you to be moral, or at least, what THEIR definition of moral is. The problem is, they are making moral choices for you, instead of leaving you free to choose for yourself. What they don't realise, is that a choice can only be moral, if you have chosen it of your own free will.

As a result, these politicians have created a society where people are not used to making moral choices, and don't learn that immoral choices have negative consequences. They have created a society where a 14 year old throws a block of cement off a motorway overbridge, killing an innocent man. This boy grew up in a society where people are not free to make their own moral choices, and are sheltered from making even small mistakes. Therefore they never learn to take responsibility for their actions.

- Freedom means having the right to do with YOUR life, YOUR body and YOUR property, what you want, as long as you don't violate the equal rights of others.

- Responsibility is the other side of the coin. If you want to be free, you HAVE to take responsibility for your actions, and can't demand that other people pick up the tab if you mess up.

Ladies and gentlemen. A vote for Libertarianz, is a vote for your own freedom. Every vote for Libertarianz, sends a clear message to these politicians. It tells them that you refuse to recognise THEIR claim over YOUR life. It tells them that YOU are in charge of your life.

Here is the recording from the meeting: [1.4M]


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