Report: McLeod Bay Candidate Meeting

September 9, 2005

Here is Jasmine's report of last night's candidates meeting:

Hooch Helen spoke at the Whangarei McLeod's Bay "meet the Candidates meeting" tonight. Julian and I attended in support. The meeting was well attended, with around 40 people there.

Amongst a row of dark, cynical crows, Helen shone like only a Hoochy Light of Liberty can. The meeting followed it's usual formula, with the crows crowing the same old politically correct stuff to try and win the crowd over.

Helen was extremely articulate, as usual, and the crowd was responsive, with many shouts of "hear hear"! She was the only one out of the lot who didn't drone a well-rehearsed opening speech, and the crowd were engaged and appreciative. Her messages of getting the government out of our affairs, giving solid examples to illustrate, were applauded by quite a few of the audience, so I think we made a good impact.

Muriel was speaking for Act. She let herself down time and again by starting off with something libertarian in principal, and then saying that it could only happen if government did this or that for the people. So close... but not quite. Phil Heatley from National was following the new trend by stealing the Libertarianz economic principals, which was all good, but a bit suspicious. Brian Donnely from United Future was so bland... you know, I can't remember a thing he said. Tony from Density actually had a couple of intelligent ideas re. fuel and the environment, but as soon as he started talking about raising the drinking age, and making prostitution a crime, he showed himself for the authoritarian he really was; Vivian from the Regressives was trying to make us believe that government force was for our own good; Charmless from Labour was as evasive and waffley as usual. What's more, he described himself as a capitalist! Someone should really hand him a dictionary.

The q & a session was fairly lively. Charmless tried to explain Labour's health policy where they would have a "goal" number of operations a year, but that there would always be a waiting list, and when he asked as a finishing question "make sense?". I proclaimed flatly: "No, it doesn't". He seemed quite taken aback. At the end he almost stumbled over chairs to get over to me and try to "explain" his theory. Awwww - I was so touched that he cared so much. I told him that people should be able to choose what health care they have. He responded that they could, to which I replied: "Only by paying twice!". He said that he had private health care and that he didn't mind paying twice! Julian pointed out that not everyone can afford to do that. Now if that isn't an admission that even Labour think their public health care system is unreliable, I don't know what is!

Heatley also made a beeline for Julian & I at the end, and tried the "have we met before" line.

I had to go home and shower twice to get rid of the slime from that particular candidates meeting.

Note: We'll be at Cooper's Beach tomorrow morning, for the Doubtless Bay Ratepayers Association meeting.


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