Dean Risi Honoured With Light Of Liberty Award

August 5, 2005

Last night a contingent of Libertarianz members bestowed the Light of Liberty award on Dean Risi, the owner of Kelly Browne's, a bar in Cambridge.

See here for some background:

Dean allowed people to smoke in HIS bar - HIS private property. He was not forcing anybody to visit his bar. Neither was he forcing anybody to work there. The bossy-boots and busybodies in government decided that they had to protect people from themselves, and consequently have sacrificed the property rights of individuals - bar owners - to do so. This is a blatant example of Nanny-Statism in action.

Dean Risi stood up for his rights against the bureaucratic bullies as long as possible without becoming a martyr - and fought infinitely longer than all the other publicans who rolled over immediately. "It's the law," they whined. Imagine if every publican in the country did what Dean had done. It would have been an amazing act of civil disobedience, and would have caused such embarrassment for the government that I am convinced this unjust law would have been scrapped.

The battle continues for Dean, as he has now been targeted by the Ministry of Health bureaucrats who seem to want to make an example of him.

To honour Dean Risi, a group of Libertarianz visited his re-opening party, gave a few short speeches in his honour, thanking him for his defence of liberty, and gave him a Light of Liberty award. The Libertarianz guests included: Peter Cresswell (architect and property rights campaigner), Helen Hughes (Whangarei candidate and drug-law reform campaigner), Tim Wikiriwhi (Hamilton West candidate and Maori spokesman), Russell Watkins (Tauranga candidate) and me (Northland candidate and deputy).

It was a great, rowdy evening and it was great to meet Dean. He is an example of a principled man, a true hero, and we desperately need more people like him.

Here's to you Dean!

(Tim Wikiriwhi, Peter Cresswell, Dean Risi, Herb Young [customer])

(Tim Wikiriwhi, Peter Cresswell, Dean Risi, Herb Young)

(Joy Wikiriwhi, Russell Watkins, Helen Hughes, Peter Cresswell)

(Helen Hughes, Peter Cresswell, Herb Young)


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  1. Rick says:
    August 5, 2005 @ 20:41 — Reply

    Julian! Can you stay in one part of the island long enough for us to do that thing we talked about? Wellington, Aucks, Cambridge,'re a bloody yo-yo and we've got to get started with the thing!

  2. Julian Pistorius says:
    August 6, 2005 @ 16:57 — Reply

    :) I'd love to, but I'm not likely to be stationary for any decent period until the election. It's just the nature of the job I'm afraid. I'll send you an email.

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