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August 4, 2005

What a day! We signed up 23 new members. A few of them are REALLY promising! One guy thought tax was plain theft - no prompting required! Another guy, who grew up in a poverty-stricken part of Northland, and who's in the military, scored 100-100 on the political quiz and thinks welfare is misguided and wrong.

The legalise marijuana signs helped a lot, but to be honest, business really picked up after Jasmine turned up. For future reference, the secret seems to be to have a beautiful girl at the table - and to have fun!

Peter Kermode, Sean Kimpton and I set everything up for 11. We were relegated to a spot between The Democrats, who didn't turn up, and Direct Democracy. Our massive banner was quite visible. The speeches by the bigger parties commenced and was watched by a bored crowd.

All the other parties were basically just handing out flyers. Once the speeches were done around 12:30, the other parties packed up and quit, and we were the only ones left! We had signed up about 5 new members by that stage. Jasmine and Hooch arrived soon after that.

Hooch approached Nandor who was standing around talking in a cellphone. He told Hooch that if we got into parliament he'd consider joining the Libz. I assume he was kidding - but perhaps he is tired of the authoritarian kill-joys from the Greens. Perhaps he would rather associate with some people who have a principled and moral stance to scrap the idiotic drug laws, instead of the "harm minimisation" rubbish that the Greens are on about.

Peter Cresswell arrived at the perfect time, as we suddenly got swamped by a large number of interested punters.

Thanks to a lack of competition, some provocative signs, and smiling, intelligent people behind the table - who were obviously having fun, we signed up another 18 new members!

Just before 4, we chucked the stuff in the car and had a few cold ones at the student bar. Aaah!

Many thanks to Peter K, Sean, Jasmine, Helen and PC for your excellent effort! It was a load of fun and we should do it more often.


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