Guns & Fun Success

July 16, 2005

The name says it all. There were many, many guns, and a lot of fun was had by all. People who had never fired a gun before had a go - and enjoyed it! The paintball players came away with big bruises and even bigger grins. Obviously there were some very stimulating conversations about self-defence, property-rights and freedom. We even signed up a bunch of new, keen Libertarianz members on the day. Watch out Nanny State!

It was so successful that we are making it an annual event. So if you missed this one, don't despair, we will hold one again next year.

Here are a few photos to tease you for next year:
Lady Liberty presiding
Helen Hughes scaring clay targets
Peter Linton (Libz firearms spokesman), PC and Jasmine (the gorgeous)
Helen's little grandson is a remarkably keen shot with a paintball gun

I have to thank all the keen shooters, farmers and various other folk who came and made a great day of it. Thanks should go to our responsible shooting supervisors from the local gun club and to Arron Ogle from Extreme Paintball, who let us use his facilities. Special thanks to PC, Peter Linton and Ken Riddle who helped set up the venue, talked to many people and helped make the day the success that it was.


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