To hate America is to hate mankind

July 3, 2006

There is a great article from the Telegraph today which rebuts anti-Americanism: To hate America is to hate mankind. Here is my favourite bit:

To dislike a country as diverse as America is misanthropic: America, more than any other state, contains the full range of humanity between its coasts. What binds its people together is an ideal encoded in America's DNA.

Conceived in a popular uprising against autocratic government, the United States has a natural sympathy with self-rule, personal freedom and representative government. To this day, it is guided by the Jeffersonian ideal that decisions should be taken as closely as possible to the people they affect.

The EU, of course, is founded on the opposite principle, that of "ever-closer union". No wonder its peoples sometimes resent their more successful cousins.

The rest of the article is also good. Read it here:

(Hat-tip Samizdata)


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  1. Jack Maturin says:
    July 3, 2006 @ 16:43 — Reply

    I don't think it's individual Americans, people dislike in Europe, it is mainly the policies and actions of the imperial American government. There is much that is to admire about the American revolution; the throwing off of the British yoke, and private individual American freedom enshrined in the Declaration of Independence (NOT a legal document), but much to dislike about the heavy-handed monopolistic tax-creating American Constitution (which IS a legal document), ram-rodded through early US state ratification assemblies on the votes of about ten men and a pet dog, called Larry. Through evil rights-destroying mercantilist Presidents such as Lincoln, Wilson, and Roosevelt, much of the freedom that was once the birthright of all Americans, has been stripped away, leading to a country with a domineering war-mongering government working for the personal benefit of all those who constitute the government. I live in the territory claimed by the EU government, God forbid, and believe me, I hate this revolting excrescence as much as the next man, but although I salute the spirit of those who created the American government, there is MUCH about the American government which disgusts me. The survey needed to ask a few more pointed questions. It is not 'America' or 'Americans' that are the problem. It is simply the American government, which is a view even every US-passport holding member of would (probably) also subscribe to.

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