Action Orange Success: Sanity Prevails Over Public Land Access

June 28, 2005

I just read an absolutely fabulous article with comments from a snivelling brat who didn't get his toys, Associate Minister for Grabbing Other People's Land, Jim Sutton:

Some choice quotes:

He accused Opposition politicians and groups such as Federated Farmers of conducting a campaign of misinformation about the policy and blamed its lack of support on a "new hardness, a new selfishness about society at the moment ... that doesn't really care much about community interests".

He said it was fashionable to take an extremist view in favour of private property rights at the expense of the protection of public rights.

Yet the public held a different view on the foreshore and seabed legislation - when it endorsed the removal of potential property rights to protect public access to the coast - which suggested a dubious double standard, Mr Sutton said.

I think the message is getting through. Other people do not have a right to your property.

For the record, at the time, Libertarianz warned that the foreshore and seabed legislation was confiscation of potential private property ( ). Now this politician has openly admitted it and indirectly pointed out the inconsistency of parties like ACT and National who play populist games on issues as it suits the polls.

For more information on the land access issue and how Federated Farmers would like to see it solved, see here:


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